Both look level and high copy of the wristwatch

Rolex recently launched three replica watches for the calendar of the week that are versatile and high in appearance. These watches are all 36mm in diameter, perfect for mature men to wear. The dial comprises Roman, blue, and white Roman numerals.

Rolex Day Date 118206 Men Automatic 36mm platinum

Comments on Watches:

The first Rolex WEEKLY calendar type replica watch, platinum dial with platinum chain, very unique and individual. The surface diameter is only 36 mm, especially for a man’s wrist size. The blue Roman numeral dial adds a unique flavor to this watch. Blue is very soft, and with the silver sword hands, it is rich in classic power. There is also a calendar window at the three o ‘clock position, which is very convenient and concise to read.

Rolex date 118208 Men’s automatic 36mm rose gold.

Comments on Watches:

The second weekly calendar replica watch features a 316 class stainless steel case with a 316 class stainless steel band and a white Roman numeral dial with a rose gold chain for an elegant charm. The gauge diameter is only 36mm, which is very suitable for men. At three o ‘clock, there is a weekly calendar window; you can easily view the calendar.

Rolex date 118235 Men’s Automatic 36mm rose gold.

Comments on Watches:

The third Rolex Replica of the Calendar of the Week comes in a rose gold case with a rose gold and steel chain for a very dynamic watch. The 36mm diameter is very masculine, and the white Roman numeral dial is a classic power, complete with the rose gold chain. There is also a calendar window at the three o ‘clock position, which can easily read the calendar, which is very personalized.

In general: THESE three ROLEX WEEKLY calendar reprint WATCHES can be said to be a scarce combination of appearance design and practical functionality, highly dynamic, each with characteristics and temperament in line with the unique taste of contemporary people; if you like to click the link above to choose and buy! You will receive a 1:1 copy of the standard replica watch on our website.

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