Guide to replica watches—you must not know these about TAG Heuer watches.

TAG Heuer was founded in 1860 by Edward TAG Heuer in Saint-Aime, a small town in the Jura mountains in western Switzerland, with a history of more than 160 years of watchmaking.

In 1985, TAG Heuer was acquired by Tiger Group. TAG is the abbreviation of Techniques d’Avant Garde. Tiger Group merged Tiger and TAG Heuer, so the Tiger TAG Heuer we are familiar with today was born. Since 1999, it has belonged to the world’s largest luxury goods group-LVMH Group (LVMH). It is the same as the LV familiar to the public and is the top five watch brand in the world for luxury watch sales.

Originally manufactured pocket watches and then expanded its business scope to produce stopwatches and other timers. Now it is known for its precise timing instruments and sports watches. It is the first company to create accuracy to 1/10 second, 1/100 second, and 1/1000 second—manufacture of chronograph watches. From 2002 to 2012, TAG Heuer developed rapidly.

In addition to the sponsorship in the sports field, it also invited the best in various fields as spokespersons, including Ronaldo, who won four Golden Globe Awards and “Thor” Chris Heim Swarth, the famous band “One Republic,” Martin Garrix, the top 100 DJ in 2016, and David Guetta, the godfather of electronic music, this lineup far exceeds other brands in the same level. For TAG Heuer, the biggest recognition comes from the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards (the highest award in the watch industry). From 2002 to 2019, TAG Heuer has won 9 GPHG awards, and Rolex’s second brand— -Tudor has only won 5 times, and Longines has won 2 times. This shows the truth.

For 160 years, TAG Heuer has continued to carry forward the pioneering watchmaking spirit and innovative technology. The brand uses three series designed by Mr. Jack Heuer: Carrera series, Monaco series, and Autavia series.

Carrera series

Carrera is the oldest and most classic series of TAG Heuer. It is the brand’s first chronograph designed for professional racing drivers. In 1963, Jack Heuer began to create a chronograph designed for drivers and racing enthusiasts.In accordance with the requirements of a wide-view, easy-to-read dial and a shockproof and waterproof, sturdy case suitable for driving,he launched a manual-winding mechanical chronograph the following year and named it Carrera. Calella stands for passion, adventure, and heroism in Spanish. The elegant and simple dial design made the Carrera series a great success, and along with the continuous growth of motorsports, it became famous and became a classic handed down. It also opened a golden age for TAG Heuer.

Monaco series

On March 3, 1969, the Monaco series was released in Geneva and New York at the same time, shocking the entire watchmaking world. The bold shape of this watch with fiery red chronograph hands, blue metal dial, arched crystal glass surface, and huge square case, breaking the traditional rules of watch design aesthetics. Also innovative is the engineering design that ensures this chronograph has perfect waterproof performance-the world’s first square watch waterproof technology. But the ticking movement in the case is more revolutionary: the famous self-winding Chronomatic Calibre 11 movement, the first self-winding automatic chronograph movement equipped with a miniature pendulum, its performance is so precise that it still remains today It is comparable to the strict standards of professional chronometers.

Autavia series

The first batch of “Autavia” has two different versions. The first is a 60-minute circle, which allows the wearer to set a mark in a limited interval of less than one hour, and the cumulative time is up to 12 hours; the second is a 12-hour circle To display the second time zone. They have equipped with Valjoux manual-winding mechanical movements and officially went on sale in 1962. 38mm steel case, black background, white on the left and right small dials, with the natural aging radium luminous, it is very beautiful.

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