The most distinctive Cellini moon phase replica watch in 2022

Rolex Cellini Moonphase

The exquisite design of Cellini watches highlights traditional watches’ timeless and quaint temperament. This series combines ingenious craftsmanship and professional technology to demonstrate Rolex watchmaking’s nobility fully. With its simple and elegant lines, luxurious and precise appearance decoration, and high-end and atmospheric materials, the design of every detail of the Cellini watch is just right. The Cellini Moonphase watch is available in 18k everose gold with a strap for a luxurious look. The dial design of this watch is lovely, and it can show the subtle changes in moon gain and moon loss. There is also a blue enamel moon phase disc at 6 o’clock on the white dial, which shows the moon’s synodic cycle, in which around meteorite represents the full moon.

The Rolex Moonphase has witnessed a new milestone in developing luxury watches, establishing the Cellini series as the world’s most prestigious chronometer-certified watch. It has been ten years since the last timepiece with a moon phase appeared in the 1950s, and now there is finally a watch with a unique moon phase display.

This watch has gone through a long research period to ensure robustness and reliability, from prototyping to testing.Although Rolex uses a variety of high-end materials to create moon-phase watches, there is only one that allows the wearer’s imagination to span time and space.

The Cellini moon phase-type can display the date on the dial’s outer ring by a central hand with a crescent at the end of the primary hand. This watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement developed by Rolex, and its patented moon phase assembly ensures astronomical accuracy for 122 years.

This watch is made of 18ct Everose gold, which is the most exclusive patent of Rolex. Its beauty is well-deserved among Rolex watches, and since 2005, 18ct Everose gold has been used in the manufacture of pink gold Rolex Oyster watches. The most luxurious is Cellini’s brown crocodile belt. Most Rolex watches are steel belt models, and belt watches are scarce in many people’s eyes. This series is different from other Rolex styles in every respect. The style is more designed for professionals. The appearance is super thin and straightforward.

The most distinctive design is the classic circular design with a diameter of only 39 mm, and the 18ct gold case specially made by Rolex. Ring and triangular anti-pattern outer ring). The most symbolic is the triangular anti-pattern, which is generally used for screw-in bottom covers and has better sealing performance.

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