Which of these three high-value blue replica watches do you prefer?

Blue is a mysterious and noble color and is also the favorite of many friends. This article will recommend three blue dial watches. These three are high-value. Which one do you prefer?

Rolex Datejust 116234 Mens Automatic 36 MM Steel & White Gold

Watch reviews:

This watch belongs to the Rolex Datejust series, which has been sought after by many people since its birth in 1948. The blue dial is designed with blue Roman numerals and silver-plated polished hands. In addition, this watch is also specially equipped with various outer ring designs, including glossy, domed, triangular anti-pattern, and diamond-encrusted styles. Create a unique personality. With a silver stainless steel strap, the appearance looks very atmospheric. The bezel, crown, and buckle are also made of stainless steel.

The case is made of steel and white gold. The 36mm diameter is very friendly to men with small skeletons. According to different styles and sizes, the Datejust watch is equipped with 2235 or 2236 movements or the latest 3235 movements. These innovative elements of the movement ensure that the clock is accurate and reliable and has been dramatically improved in terms of power reserve, shock resistance, and magnetic resistance.

Rolex Day-Date 118139 Men’s Automatic 36mm White Gold

Watch reviews:

This watch has a diameter of 36 mm and is made of white gold for the case, which looks very comfortable. The blue diamond dial complements the hour markers. This series of watches carries too many classic elements of Rolex: dog tooth rings, presidential chains, bubble mirrors, large gold watches, unique dials, and various diamonds. In this series of watches.

As a piece of jewelry, it is very competent. The presidential chain has unique recognition and a sense of decorating the bracelet. The open skylight has a calendar dial shape, which can easily distinguish from other Rolex Datejust watches, plus Rolex’s influential celebrities, The ability to “send watches” in the circle of friends. Since its birth, this series of watches has always been the most iconic and recognizable watch of Rolex.

It is the image of the brand and the face of the family. Although fashion trends are changing, for example, when you bought a popular Day-date watch 30 years ago, the steel Daytona was used for tying. Now, although the priority of tying has changed, you want to own The day-date type is also one of the best stepping stones when it comes to the consumption records of Rolex’s popular sports watches.

Rolex Lady Oyster Perpetual 176200 Blue Quarter Arabic Steel Knockoff

Watch reviews:

The case and crown of this watch are made of Oystersteel, which is resistant to corrosion. The dark blue dial features stick-shaped hour markers and is only 26mm in diameter, making it ideal for ladies. Rolex screw-down case back with triangular grooves, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 100 meters, Rolex 2231 self-winding movement, central hours, minutes, and seconds, second-hand pause function to accurately adjust the time, high-performance Paraflex slow Vibration device, power reserve of about 48 hours, olive green sunray effect surface, 904L stainless steel Oyster three-bar solid link chain with folding Oysterclasp, very stable and comfortable.

These watches share all the essential qualities of the Oyster Perpetual series – precise timing, water-resistant Oyster case, perpetual oscillating weight self-winding movement. The new watch displays hours, minutes, and seconds most simply and elegantly. The new generation of the Oyster Perpetual has an anti-reflective coating on the back of the sapphire crystal to ensure the dial is clear and easy to read.

Overall: the blue watch gives a sense of calm and story. If you feel the same way, consider these three replica watches. We promise that all replica watches are made of 1:1 replicas. If you are interested in replica watches, you can enter our website to browse and purchase. We will provide you with the highest quality replica watches and the best service. In addition, we have a one-year warranty card. Please get in touch with us if you need the original box, deep water resistance, or other straps.

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